About LDG


To serve the residents of Louisa County by advancing and improving the economic, social, and recreational environments of Louisa County so that constructive balanced growth over a period of years may be realized.

Benefits of Membership

Marketing:  LDG leads the marketing effort for Louisa County.  All members will be included in  Community Guides, brochures, tourism and business resource materials. Our goal is to promote business and tourism in Louisa County. *See a current list of members below

Business:  Membership networking events, learning opportunities, and personal business consulting.

Lobbying:  Through events such as Southeast Iowa Days in Des Moines and participation in regional economic development efforts, LDG works to bring more resources to Louisa County.

In the next year Louisa Development group is focusing on the following strategy:

  • Strengthening business community: A new website is being created to showcase Louisa county by highlighting business, tourism, and communities in Louisa County. A community guide will also be created for visitors and residents.

  • Increasing tourism:  Your membership will allow LDG to direct funds into efforts to market and maximize on all of the natural wonders and historical sites Louisa County has to offer

  • Placing Louisa County in regional partnerships: Attending Southeast Iowa Days, lobbying for issues  affecting our county,  exploring commercial sites, and continuing to study what is needed to make our communities successful!